My name is Iryna Melnykov.
I design and create things.

Ex-QA Engineer, I found my passion in designing and creating. Working as a UX/UI Designer allows me to maximize my logical mind and my visual skills.

Based in San Jose, CA, I came here from a long way of Germany, Ukraine and New Zealand. My path has taught me to share my perspective. It is my checklist to always keep my eyes open - for users needs, stakeholders requirements, a complex problem that needs to be solved, or approaching deadlines :)

Design is a process, and I can help you follow this process: research, synthesis of data into ideas, technology leveraging, prototyping, testing, reiterating and validating with users. I can also build you a website.

My dream is to work on products that make this world a better place. Let's work together.

Iryna in BerlinEmerald Bay, Lake TahoeRainbow in YosemiteIryna in Vancouver, BC